Indian Journal of Spirituality (IJS)

Indian Journal of Spirituality is a scholarly research publication on Christian and Indian religions as well as other religious traditions. It is an International Quarterly published by the Indian Institute of Spirituality.  It provides a forum for serious and in-depth theological research on Spirituality, both Indian and Western. Every issue of the Quarterly comprises of specialized articles on Biblical Spirituality, Salesian Spirituality, Indian Spirituality, Spirituality in General, Spiritual Reflections and Book Reviews. The Editors welcome the free expression of differing opinions by collaborators and contibutors within the natural limits of academic freedom and responisbility. It does not mean that they subscribe to such views

Articles for publication and Books for Reviews should be addressed to the Chief Editor, Indian Institute of Spirituality, P.B. 5639, Rajajinagar Ist Block, Bangalore - 560 010


Chief Editor      

Dr. Benny G. Koottanal, msfs

Associate Editors

Fr. Philip Valakodiyil, msfs
Fr. Tom Kanat, msfs

Literary Editor

Book Review Editor 

Fr. Joseph Pulloppillil, msfs

Fr. Atnonty Mookenthottam, msfs

Circulation Manager

Fr. Jikson Cheravelil, msfs

Business communications (Subscription, back numbers of IJS, Book Reviews) and exchange copies of periodicals should be addressed to:
The Manager, IJS
Indian Institute of Spirituality
P.B. 5639, Dr. Rajkumar Road,
Rajajinagar Ist Block,
Bangalore - 560 010, Karnataka, India
Tel.: 080/22901869, 23376857; Fax: 080/23473309

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Editorial Board

Shibu Thundathil, MSFS
Antony Kolencherry, MSFS
George Panthenmckel, MSFS
Mathew Kozhuppakalam, MSFS
Henry Jose Kodikuthiyil, MSFS
Antony Mookenthottam, MSFS
Thomas Kalariparambil, MSFS
Thomas F. Dailey, OSFS


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