Diploma Course on Spirituality started on June 4, 2018. Admission for M. Th in Spiritulaity is over for the year 2018-19.  

IIS - Committed to the

Education of the Heart

Indian Institute of Spirituality (IIS), managed by THE MISSIONARIES OF ST. FRANCIS DE SALES (MSFS), is a religious institute designed to study Christian spirituality and live it in the context of the spirituality of Indian religions. It encourages clear and creative thinking, in consonance with the teachings of the Church and the dictates of the Gospel, conducive to an experience of the supreme truth, Sat-Cit-Ananda, through selfless service and loving commitment to Truth. The aim of IIS is to promote studies and research in spiritualities of the East and the West and to prepare priests, religious as well as laity for inter-religious dialogue and to meet the challenges of the day for an effective pastoral and spiritual ministry.


Diploma, M.Th. & Doctorate in Spiritual Theology
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Keeping your cool in a moment of crisis can save you fears of pain and anguish. Hurtful words unleashed in a single minute of anger have led to many a broken friendship.
The Monk who Sold His Ferrari
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